Saturday, November 12, 2011

Great Cannon 2 for 1 Pizza, Langford

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I am not writing about Great Cannon Pizza to enlighten you on some magical, euphoric, aw-inspiring pizza experience; NO, I writing about Great Cannon to inform you about cheap pizza that tastes good when you are drinking; and, stays open later than most other pizza delivery companies in Langford.

While playing cards and having a couple of adult beverages my wife and I started craving pizza; however, every place we looked up was closed. Finally, while looking through the flyers that come in the junk mail we stumbled across Great Cannon.

The first thing that caught our eye was that it was cheap. The second being that it was free delivery. We ordered the Butter Chicken and the Great Classic pizzas (both smalls). Our bill came to $24 and it arrived at our door within 20 min.

Their pizza were loaded with tons of fresh toppings and they had a delectable buttery crust. Now I know what you are thinking...I must have enjoyed this pizza because I was drinking; you may be partially correct; however, I also ate it for breakfast this morning and still found it to be quite tasty.

I don't want you to get any misconceived notions about Great Cannon , this is not fine dining pizza, it is simply good old fashioned, greasy late night pizza!

Bonn appetite


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