Thursday, November 10, 2011

Clam Bucket Restaurant, Port Alberni

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Sitting right across from the water in Port Alberni lies a cute little restaurant. I am speaking of none other than the Clam Bucket. After reading some review on Urbanspoon I was a little hesitant on trying it, but my co-worker absolutely raved on and on about the Clam Bucket. Needless to say I am not one to miss an oportunity to try a new restaurant; especially, one that someone tells me is good.

When I first walked in the door, I was struck by the nicely decorated; somewhat, romantic feel of the Clam Bucket; in fact, with a name like the Clam Bucket I was a little shocked at the decor. I pictured fishing nets and propellers to be draped all over the wall, but this was a nice surprise. The second thing that I noticed about the Clam Bucket is that the servers were all very nice and very attentive, the complete opposite from some of the reviews I have read.

I will say that their menu makes it very difficult to order; I haven't seen a menu that big in quite sometime. I almost wish it was a few pages shorter because it took me almost half an hour to figure out what I wanted. However, once we ordered the food was quick to arrive and the portions were huge. All of my co-workers seemed to enjoy their meals and so did I.

Verdict: I would go back to the Clam Bucket and I would recommend it to those looking for somewhere to eat in Port Alberni. The only downside would be that some of their menu items were a little overpriced, but I guess if you don't have much for competition you can set the market.


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