Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baan Do's Stirfry, Duncan

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A friend of mine took me to Baan Do's for lunch the other day. I had never heard of it, but he insisted that it had some pretty good stirfry. Baan Do's is has a pretty cool concept in the fact that they are two restaurants put together. On one side is Baan Do's which serves up stir fry's and on the other is Baan Do's Too which is a burger joint with shakes and fries. The first thing that I notice and very much appreciated was that they chose to leave their kitchen completely open for viewing and not try to hide behind walls. This makes it quite easy to tell that your food is being made in a clean environment.

My second observation was that the staff are very friendly; and thirdly that they have a ton of stirfry's to choose from. I actually found it quite difficult to choose what to order from the huge selection before me. Lucky for my my friend pointed out the "spicy" board so, naturally that is where I focused my attention on. I ended up choosing the Thai Peanut stirfry with chicken and noodles. My decision was mostly based on the fact that it had 3 red chili's beside it on the menu and secondly because I love Thai food.

Our meals arrived quite quickly and the portions were quite large for the price (about $9.50). However, a couple of things weren't up to my own particular standards. One, the noodles were similar to the ones out of a Mr. Noodles package; and two, the spicy peanut sauce wasn't spicy. In fact, I didn't notice any heat whatsoever. I will say that overall the stirfry was pretty good, but definitely nothing to shout to the masses about.

Overall, clean restaurant/kitchen; friendly staff; reasonably priced and alright stirfry. For Duncan this is probably one of the better Asian style restaurants, but no comparison to some of Victoria's or Vancouver's Asian stirfry joints.

Next time I am going to try Baan Do's Too as I saw a burger on their menu that looked really appetizing - The Goober Burger: topped with bacon and peanut butter.


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