Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Qoola, Westshore

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**UPDATE/CORRECTION** I made the mistake of saying Qoola serves ice cream; in fact, they don't (only frozen yogurt). See the comment by Qoola Nanaimo.

Mmmmmm.... Qoola has been long overdue in Victoria and you can tell by the recent explosion of Qoola franchises throughout the CRD. It started off in the new Uptown shopping centre and now includes locations in the Westshore and most recently on Yates Street. If you are unfamiliar with Qoola, I suggest you check out their website at or, and probably more benificial, check it out in person. My words don't do it justice, but in short it is a frozen yogurt/ice cream bar where you create your own sundays from a wide variety of toppings. All of Qoola's frozen yogurt/ice cream is made fresh daily. If you are not into ice cream, you can also design your own smoothies and waffles.

My first experience with an ice cream bar was in Las Vegas and ever since then I have thought about what a great idea that was. I am glad that others realized the same thing and brought this delicious franchise to the Island.

It is hard to review a dish as everyone is responsible for their own concocsions, but I can say that the ingredients are fresh. There is also enough variety that you can have something completely different each time you go. I will; however, provide a word to the wise - watch how much you load up your bowl because the price is based off weight.


Qoola Nanaimo said...

Thanks for the nice words...just wanted to mention though that Qoola is just a frozen yogurt bar and we do not serve ice cream. :) Also, just wanted to inform you that Qoola is also moving up island this Christmas to Woodgrove Mall in the Nanaimo.

If you are ever in the neighborhood...stop on by! Thanks again.

-Qoola Nanaimo

VictoriaRestaurantBlog said...

Hey Qoola,

Thanks for your comments and for correcting me on the ice cream vs. frozen yogurt :)

I also wanted to say I am excited that you are expanding into Nanaimo. I once thought about looking into one of your franchises just to bring it to Nanaimo. I think this is something that all parts of the Island and B.C. will be happy to experience.

Best of luck at Woodgrove; and, I am sure I will stop by the next time I am up there.


Average Joe's

starbaby said...

Hi Average Joe,

Thanks! :) We recently just opened, so when you drop by...please introduce yourself, it is always nice to meet people in person! If you are interested, we also have a Facebook page (Qoola Yogurt Nanaimo) and twitter (@QoolaNanaimo) you can follow.

Thanks and have a great holiday!


Qoola Nanaimo

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