Saturday, April 7, 2012

Floyd's Diner, Langford

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The one thing the Westshore really lacks is good breakfast joints. Hopefully that problem has been solved with the opening of Floyd's Diner. Floyd's has taken over and remodeled the old Smoken Bones location into that of a classical American diner, complete with random posters of muscle cars, James Dean and Marylin Monroe.

For a Saturday, Floyd's was just as expected - BUSY. However, we were seated fast and they had plenty of staff on to deal with all the tables. All the servers seemed quite friendly, but I felt a little rushed to place my order.

I ended up settling on the First Kiss Burger. The First Kiss is described as a beef burger with cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce with lettuce, tomato, onions and a pickle. They also described it as a little messy which led me to believe that it would be really juice. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case, in fact, I wouldn't even call it a burger patty as the consistency was that of meatloaf. What happened to good old 80/20 burger patties where it was the quality of the meat that made the burger good, not all the crap you put into the meat. This tells me one thing, that the restaurant doesn't believe enough in their beef to serve it straight up. So to say the least, the burger was dry and tasted like a mixture of bread crumbs and seasoning salt.

Unfortunately, the burger was the best part of my lunch, the fries that came with burger were so salty that I could barely choke them down.

Now, I know what you are probably thinking...Floyd's is a breakfast joint not a burger joint. Well, you are probably right so, I will have to rely on my wife's opinion on that. She had eggs benny with a pesto hollandaise. She didn't have too much to say about it other than they messed up on her eggs. She ordered them poached medium and one was hard and the other soft. She also noted that the eggs benny at The Reef are much better. If that doesn't some it up...I don't know what will.

Verdict: It's nice to have breakfast option in the Westshore, but I think I'll stick to going downtown.

P.S. our two meals and one pop each came to just under $40. Definitely not deserving of that kind of dough.


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