Friday, October 28, 2011

La Belle Patate, Esquilmalt

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Have you ever seen that show Diners, Drive-ins & Dives on the Food Network? Well, I think I found a "Dive" worthy of Guy Fieri's show. This place would cause health conscious Victorians to shake in their boots; maybe, even run home crying "mommy, mommy...". On the other hand maybe this is like a dirty little secret that they never tell anyone, but dream about while eating nutritional shakes, tofu and spinach salads! I could only be talking about one place so greasy, so dirty, so delicious.... that's right, I am speaking of the one the only La Belle Patate on Esquilmalt Road.

Not being one to spend much time in Esquilmalt, I only recently heard of La Belle Patate while watching the local news do a story on it. After seeing their mouth watering Poutine and Bugers on T.V. I couldn't help myself, I had to check them out.

La Belle Patate is somewhat hidden in an older strip mall on Esquilmalt road. When you first walk in the smell of fryer grease and the smoke from the flat top grill hit you like a brick wall; and, if you are like me, you think to yourself....Finally, I have found it! A no frills restaurant that doesn't spend it's money on fancy decorations in the hopes that it will attract more people - NO! La Belle Patate attracts it customers by serving up Damn good food that no one else in the city is doing.

I ordered their La Belle Burger - a two patty cheese burger, with huge pieces of real bacon, mushrooms, onions, tomato, mayonnaise and "belle sauce". My fiance ordered the smoked meat sub which consisted of a hoggie bun topped with Montreal smoked meet, sauteed onions, pickles and yellow mustard; and, finally we split a medium poutine and large Pepsi. Our total bill for all of this heart-attack igniting food came to $31.00.

After about 15 minutes our food was ready and boy was I ready to eat! The Belle Burger was a huge, messy, greasy and delicious. Just as I said earlier this is one place Guy Fieri needs to check out because this burger definitely requires the "hunch" to eat. Oh yeah, don't wear nice or white clothes if you plan on eating the Belle burger.

As for the poutine... it was delicious! Even if you are vegetarian you could enjoy this poutine as it is not made with your traditional beef gravy, but rather a meatless beef substitute sauce. My only (personal) complaint about the poutine would be that the enormous amount of cheese curds didn't melt; however, people have informed me that they don't on traditional Montreal poutine...

I only had one bite of the smoked meat sub and found it okay, but a little too mustardy. My wife on the other hand didn't care for it.

I left La Belle Patate - stuffed, euphoric and feeling that I shouldn't come back for a year or so or, at least until my cholesterol has a chance to regulate itself again.

Everything is good in moderation.....right?


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