Thursday, November 3, 2011

Paul's Motor Inn - Victoria

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If you have ever driven down Douglas street in Victoria you have surly past by Paul's; infact, you have probably stared intently at the copper roof and flashing lights.

In our Saturday morning search for a new "greasy spoon" we decided to try out Paul's. From the outside it met the criteria of what a greasy spoon should be - flashing lights; old hotel and the look that your average long haul trucker had spent many a mornings drinking coffee and eating a heart attack plate of bacon and fried eggs. Ah, my imagination is running away on me, there is definitely no room to park a big rig their and knowing the City of Victoria it would cost about $20 bucks an hour to park it on the street. Nonetheless, the family was excited about the possibility of a new greasy spoon dining experience...

When you walk into Paul's it is much as you would expect from the outside - an older restaurant with that classic diner feel. I especially liked the booths that were cut away on the servers side; thus, making it easier for them to navigate all of the tables. Unfortunately, it didn't make it any faster for them to take our order or to offer us the much needed morning coffee!

There are two things that separate a greasy spoon from your average diner: 1) price; greasy spoons are ridiculously cheap! And 2) speed - every greasy spoon I have ever been to has taken my order and delivered my food in about 10-15 minutes of arriving. I wish I could say the same for Paul's; I don't think I even got my coffee within 15 minutes of arriving.

As for the food, the menu was limited, the food was nothing special, but decent; and, the price - well... let's just say that the price didn't reflect a greasy spoon, I paid just under $40 for the three of us to eat breakfast. All in all I didn't find my new greasy spoon; in fact, I think I just found another mediocre diner in a town filled with mediocre breakfast establishments.

The search continues.....


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