Monday, November 14, 2011

Pizzeria Prima Strada, Victoria (Bridge Street)

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After finding out Pizzeria Prima Strada was certified by the AVPN I couldn't wait to give them a try. I have heard many good, if not, great things about Prima Strada and today was going to be the day I found out for myself.

It was a rainy, windy, gloomy day, not atypical of a fall day in Victoria. My wife and I were looking for an excuse to get out of the elements in between various shopping locals (preparing for Christmas). What better excuse to quit shopping than to feed the hunger demon with some delicious Neapolitan pizza?

Prima Strada is located in Victoria's industrial area in an old garage. From the outside you wouldn't expect to find a trendy, modern style pizzeria, but that is exactly what you get.

No matter how a restaurant feels or represents itself, it is still only about the food. Why else would people keep going back to restaurants with crappy service other than an amazing meal. Lucky for Prima Strada, you don't have to worry about crappy service; in fact, I thought their service what quite good. The food wasn't that bad either!

My wife and I started off our meal with Piatto Grande ($15) - an assortment of cheese, meats, fresh bread and pickled vegetables.  The starter arrived promptly and definitely hit the spot. My favorite part of the Piatto Grande, as with any meal, was the smoked meats; specifically, their prosciutto and schinkenspeck.

Next came the Funghi pizza ($15); and this is where my only complaint will arise from. From the time we finished our appy to the time our pizza arrived was almost 30 minutes. Now, I don't mind waiting 30 minutes for a delicious meal, but I do mind when multiple other parties arrive after us and are server their pizzas before us. Having said all that, the wait was worth it. The pizza was delicious, even if it did lack slightly in the toppings department. Sorry, I said I wasn't going to bitch. The pizza was good; and if you are asking yourself... would I go back or recommend this restaurant to others? The answer is unequivocally, Yes!

The total bill for the Piatto Grande, the Funghi and to San Pellegrino's was about ($40 with tax). A little expensive for lunch for two, but worth checking out if you have never been.


Mike said...

Yes,i know from the outside the restaurant looks very simple but when your enter the restaurant it is amazing.The food of the restaurant is very tasty.

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Bar Restaurant Melbourne said...

Looks of a restaurant is different from its outer looks.I have the same experience like you had.I was amazed from interior of restaurant.It was wonderful.

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