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This is a recent email I received from 7-eleven Canada's media relations. Thought you might be interested.

Dear Average Joes,

I have a fun story I think may be of interest to your readers now the fall is approaching and the days are getting cooler and shorter. 
Saturday, September 29 is National Coffee Day. To celebrate our love of coffee, 7-Eleven Canada is celebrating its second CofFREE Day on Friday, September 28, by giving away large 20-ounce cups of coffee to all its guests at Victoria’s nine 7-Eleven stores between 6:00am and 10:00am (or until stocks last).

Victoria is a city of coffee lovers with its store on 10 BURNSIDE ROAD topping the list for 7-Eleven coffee sales in the city.  In all of the 155 Canadian cities and towns with 7-Eleven stores, Victoria ranks #8 when it comes to buying coffee. The top ranking coffee loving cities were Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Regina respectively.

·         Did you know that #coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity on earth, oil is the first? #CofFREE day is Sept 28 from 6-10am at @7ElevenCanada
·         Did you know #7Eleven stores in Canada sell more than 20 million cups of coffee per year? #CofFREE day is Sept 28, 6-10am at @7ElevenCanada
·         Did you know #7Eleven was the 1st to sell coffee in to-go cups, introducing it in 1964?# CofFREE day is Sept 28 from 6-10am at @7ElevenCanada
·         Did you know all 481 @7ElevenCanada stores are participating in the second annual #CofFREE day this September 28 from 6-10am? #Coffee

Store managers are not available for comment but we would be happy to organize an interview with a 7-Eleven Canada spokesperson should this be of interest.  Please let me know if you publish or tweet out any content regarding CofFREE day!


Kevan O’Brien
Peak Communicators

Well, if you frequent this blog, you may have been wondering why so little activity over the past few months. Have I stopped dining out, or have I given up on the world of blogging? To answer the questions, I have been actively trying new or new to me restaurants; however, I find myself a little less interested in posting often on everywhere I eat. In fact, I really just wanted to eat without having to think about what I am going to write about afterwards. So, after much deliberation, I am going to keep this blog going (for now), but get right down to brass tacs. Less boring filler in the posts and get straight to the point - good dining experience or not so good! I have also thought about changing the name of the blog and URL. If you read this and think that this blog needs a make over - email me and let me know at 

Cheers for now.

I was driving down Veterans Memorial Pkwy in Langford this evening and noticed that a new restaurant (Floyds Diner) has taken over the former Smoken Bones location. Can't wait to check it out. I am always happy when new restaurants pop up in Langford.

2011-12-11 - A year to remember
Almost a year has passed now since I started this blog in an effort to relay to other Victorians the good and the bad of the Island restaurant scene. I would have never imagined just how much I eat out without writing down most of my dining experience.

Since I started this blog in January of 2010 I have written about 46 different dining experiences; some good and some bad. I started off with only a few page views in the first month, but have grown to hundreds a day. In the last 11 months or so, there have been over 11,000 visitors to this site. I also have had great success on Urbanspoon where I am currently ranked No. 9 out of Victoria food bloggers. Urbanspoon has also been quite successful for me as I generate nearly 6500 post views a month.

In the new year to come I plan on continuing with what I have started, but I also plan on improving this site for you - the reader. I hope to start adding more pictures of restaurant and meals, but I also hope to try and make my site more interesting for all who visit it. This is where I put it forth to you to provide me with some suggestion on how I can improve thing for you. I appreciate all suggestions and feed back.

I also plan on putting together a new page listing the various restaurants I have visited and ranking them in some sort of fashion. If my restaurant list becomes popular I will leave it up as a standing list, if not, I will turf it.

Anyways, have a happy holidays season and whatever you do, make sure you chow down on some delicious food.

p.s. I will be heading to Hawaii soon so, keep an eye out for some Oahu restaurant posts.


If you haven't heard yet a new Qoola location is coming to Woodgrove Mall in Nanaimo this Christmas. Nanaimoites prepare to be amazed by Qoola goodness.

Average Joe's would like to congratulate Pizzeria Prima Strada on being the first Vancouver Island pizzeria to have their pizzas AVPN certified. AVPN which stands for Associazione Verace Pizza napoletana, is an organization with a mission to "promote and protect in Italy and worldwide the “true Neapolitan pizza” (“verace pizza napoletana”), i.e. the typical product made in accordance with the characteristics described in the International Regulations for obtaining a collective brand mark “True Neapolitan Pizza” ("Vera Pizza Napoletana”)..." ref:

Average Joe's would also like to take a moment to mention the opening of Le Petit Dakar. Le Petit Dakar is serving up authentic Senegalese specialties in the 700 block of Douglas street. For more information on Le Petit Dakar and to check out their first review visit YRS or Urbanspoon.

Finally, Culinaire is still about 5 months away, but advanced tickets ($32) are already going on sale. For more information on Culinaire visit