Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kon Thai Eating House, Langford

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Kon Thai, is the newest edition to the Thai food craze sweeping the CRD. One might wonder if Kon Thai can survive in the Westshore with the Thai restaurant giant Sabhai Thai just down the street. I guess time will only tell.

I have tried Kon Thai and I must say that it is a welcome change to the former site of Happy Wok.  Kon Thai did a total renovation of the former Chinese restaurant space. The new space is small, but skillfully decorated. With polished concrete floors and a bright colourful interior, Kon Thai makes you want to sit down and eat instead of ordering and quickly running out the door to the comfort of your own home.

The food is good; however, I cannot compare it to Sabhai Thai as I still haven't eaten their yet. I can  pit it up against Zap Thai and must say that Zap is still my favourite. Kon Thai does have a couple of things on Zap, first being the decor and second the friendliness of the service.

If you want good quality Thai food without the fuss, I suggest trying Kon Thai. I am sure you won't be dissapointed.


jacobmontereal said...

I want to try their foods, I'm curious with their specialties.

Jacob of nuvali restaurants

Anonymous said...

We first discovered KON THAI eating house in Langford a few months ago, loved their modern and tastefully done simple elegant decor. The friendly service is up and beyond most places. We are vegan foodies and they offer plenty of options that will more than satisfy any palate. We love their coconut soup TOM YUM, the PAD THAI EGGPLANT, the PAD THAI, Green Papaya Salad, THE YELLOW, GREEN & RED CURRIES, they have a couple of dessert options as well for the plant based inclined ... all totally YUMMY. IF you are lucky you can get a couple of chilled fresh young coconuts served to you in the coconut itself. There is lots more to share, but nothing explains it better than going there and experience them for yourself. KON THAI Eating House IS THE PLACE for the best THAI FOOD on the island, we know, we have tried them all, this IS place we go back to! Lots of Love and REALLY good eats, the PaLu

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing

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