Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Clay Pigeon, Downtown

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The Clay Pigeon is a welcome addition to a once plagued restaurant corner. With a friendly attentive owner, good food and extremely reasonable prices; I am sure that the Clay Pigeon will be a staple on the corner of Blanshard and Broughton for many years to come.

My wife and I were downtown recently for the International Buskers Festival and stumbled across the Clay Pigeon. The first thing that caught my was their special board. I have never seen a food special that I was so interested in trying - Crispy Fried Pigs Ear!

I know pig's ear sounds disgusting, but all I could think of was a large piece of crispy, smokey, pig!!!!

We were seated right away and were greeted by a friendly server; whom, I later learned was the owner. Water with lemon was brought out to quench our thirst (while we waited for the beer). This is a smaller more intimate restaurant without being to pretentious. The food is all reasonably priced and from my experience quite tasty.

I had a Jamaican jerk sandwich with mango salsa and root chips on the side ($9). Oh ya and some crispy fried pig's ear for my appy ($6). Now, I know you are probably wondering how the pig's ear tasted and I wish I could say it was everything I imagined, but it wasn't. It was definitely crispy; however, it was also quite hard to eat - due mostly to all the cartilage found in the ear. However, I am still happy to have tried it. As for my sandwich, it was unbelievably good. I haven't had a sandwich packed so full of flavor in... forever!

I almost forgot to mention the second best part of the meal (behind my sandwich) was the homemade butterscotch pudding ($7). The pudding was simply delicious and the perfect way to end a nice meal.

I would highly recommend the Clay Pigeon the next time you are downtown.

On a side note to the owner - please add the Jamaican Jerk Chicken sandwich to your permanent menu!!!!!


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