Monday, December 31, 2012

The Rathskeller Schnitzel House, Victoria (Downtown)

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I am a little confused on the Rathskeller; confused, as to whether I absolutely love the place or find it a bad attempt at modeling itself after a German tavern. Thus, you can see my dilemma. Is it great or horrible?

I digress, the Rathskeller is decorated as what I assume to be a typical German eatery; however, I can't say for sure as I have never been. The waitresses wear traditional dirndl and of course they serve up some pretty traditional German eats.

As for the food - it was good. Nothing extraordinary, but tasty greasy German comfort food. My particular favorite was the bratwurst. Usually, I am not a fan of bratwurst; however, the bratwurst at Rathskeller was simply delicious.  The boot of beer was also quite a treat. I know, I know it is probably a tactic to entice people to spend money their, but I couldn't resist. A boot of beer on your birthday - could there be anything better?

Overall - the Rathskeller would be a great place for a celebration or an after work drink (or two). The food is decent but not pretentious and the service is okay. Hey, they have been in business this long who am I to say they are doing anything wrong...?


Unknown said...

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