Friday, November 25, 2011

Lotus Inn Restaurant, Kamloops BC

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Sometimes you find the best food in restaurants that look too scary to eat in. If you don't know what I am talking about -- I mean the little hole in the wall joints that serve up some delicious eats. Well, I am here to tell you that this is NOT the case with Lotus Inn.

I was working in Kamloops for a week and a co-worker of mine said we had to check out Lotus Inn. He raved that they had an awesome Chinese dinner buffet and that it is a must for him every time he visits Kamloops. Not being one to turn down new restaurant; especially, one that comes highly recommended from a co-worker, I thought - hey, lets give it a go.

As we walked into the place I started becoming regretful of my decision to allow myself to be swayed into a Chinese buffet (yet again). This place was quite large, but almost all of the tables were empty (bad sign). Secondly, the Lotus is so, outdated. It looks like a bad restaurant in an even worse hotel. However, I overcame my natural reaction to run out the door screaming - HELP, HELP.

Let's get to the reason that you all are reading this - the food. I wish I could say that I was taken aback by how wonderful their food was; unfortunately, their food matched their decor - Old & Tasteless. In actual fact, this has to be one of the worst Chinese buffets I have ever eaten at; probably, the worst restaurant I have ever eaten at.

If I can make one suggestion it would be this - Stay Far, Far Away.


pattaya holiday packages said...

That is just sad. Though I am always willing to try out new and underrated places to eat, some of them are just not worth your time and effort. Thanks for warning us about Lotus Inn.

boulevardsg said...

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Anonymous said...

i do not agree with this post. some great food is served here and i have never been disappointed.the buffet has over 40 dishes and also offers chinese style veggies and meats. the decor is outdated but friendly staff makes up for it. all you can eat for 14 bucks. i think this place is a steal!ice cream included!

VictoriaRestaurantBlog said...

Well, the great thing about food is that we each have different tastes and opinions. I take it that there is a few people out there that find the Lotus Inn to meet their expectations. However, I do not; and, still believe that the Lotus Inn is one of; if not, the worst restaurant I have ever eaten in.

Anonymous said...

It's ok when you eat it... it's 25 minutes after you eat @ the Lotus, that you realize how awful it is!!

Unknown said...

I've been looking around for some good restaurants so thanks for this blog! My friend and I are planning on taking a trip to Kamloops and I've heard they have some pretty good restaurants there. She told me to check this site out for a really good one .

Anonymous said...

The restaurant is large because they have tour busses full of people who eat there. Is the décor old? Yes. Is the food bad? No. If you're so biased against Chinese food restaurants, why eat at a Chinese food restaurant, and then complain? The food is delicious and they have great value.

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