Friday, August 5, 2011

Hernande'z, Downtown

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Is Hernande'z really deserving of all the hype surrounding it.....

I've been dying to check out Hernande'z for a while now; everyone I have ever talked to has raved to me about their awesome Mexican food. So, finally after much anticipation I dragged myself downtown just to go for lunch at Hernande'z.

Most people I have talked to recommended the Tacos from their "slow menu". You get five for $6 (formerly $5); unless, you order the Carne (beef) tacos then you only get three.

I had the chicken tacos and my fiance had the pork tacos. The small tortillas are made fresh to order and the tacos are served on a piece of butchers paper. They looked pretty good on delivery, but on first bite they lacked the WOW factor I was hoping for. The chicken was dryer than a popcorn fart and really lacked in flavor (except for the fresh lime I squeezed on it). The pork was much better, it was moist and actually tasted quite good.

So, again, this is where I pose the it really worth all the hype? In my opinion: No. However, I am willing to give it another shot, but maybe next time I will have a burrito or something else other than the tacos.

Before, I venture back to Hernande'z I think I will drop by the Puerto Vallarta Amigos food truck, I hear their tacos are much better, but a little more expensive.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the clear and actionable feedback. The cooks were draining all of the deliciousness off and throwing out the gorgeous caldo!! From your review, we were able to target this and change it. Many, many thanks. We'd love to invite you back to try them again and let us know how we're doing! Please contact me at to arrange it!

Anonymous said...

...obviously we're not anonymous but I wasn't sure which category to click!

VictoriaRestaurantBlog said...

The comments posted by Hernande'z reflect those of a caring restaurant - a restaurant that values customer feedback and one that truly cares about delivering a quality product. I will definitely give them another try.

Anonymous said...

I just found found this place totally disappointing...the burrito I had was full of wads of uncut greens, one bite pulled the entire thing apart....spinach greens were nice but pull the stems off please....!
I saw something interesting (tacos) arrive at the table next to us as we were eating this messy tasteless 'thing' we ordered....if Hernandez can master tacos why not put that energy into everything on the menu......our unfinished burrito went into the garbage.....

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