Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sushi Harbour, Langford

**UPDATE** I revisited Sushi Harbour; and after my last experience I expected another great meal; sadly for me, this time they were horrible. With only about 3 couples in the place it took about half an hour before our order was taken; and about another half an hour before our first dishes started to come out. I think the waitress was too busy socializing with friends from a not so distant past (high school). I watched as our food sat, waiting for her to deliver it to us and when she finally did bring it out, she took it to another table that arrived after us. My wife and I were just about to walk out the door when our food started to arrive.

The quality and taste was definitely not up to our first experience; in fact, we left some of it for waste after having only one bite. Oh... I forgot to mention, they brought us wrong orders and tried to tell us that we did in fact order it; and failed to bring us items that we did order.

I left disappointed, thinking...will I ever find a decent Japanese restaurant in Victoria....the jury is still out!

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Ever since the passing of my favorite Victoria sushi restaurant - Tamami (now Ulla), I have been searching for something to satisfy my cravings for raw fish and rice. Today I think I found my solution; I tried Sushi Harbour in Langford and they are serving up some mean rolls.

Generally, I am not a roll kind of guy, I usually stick to sashimi and nigiri; however the rolls I ate a Sushi Harbour might just change my outlook.

I ordered the Love Platter and a Baked Salmon Roll (to go). The Baked Salmon roll is more of a modern take on sushi; a mixture of avocado, cream cheese, asparagus and topped with baked salmon - simply delicious!

My only caution is to my fellow raw fish connoisseurs, their fish is not the highest caliber fish I have ever eaten. It was slightly on the tough side, but it didn't taste too bad.

All in all, I enjoyed my take out sushi experience and will most likely be doing it again in the near future.


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