Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spinnakers, Lido & Canoe - Victoria (Waterfront)

Last night some friends and I decided to check out the Picklepub Crawl. The Picklepub Crawl is a self guided pub crawl sponsored by the harbour ferry's and four of Victoria's waterfront pubs (Spinnakers, Lido, Flying Otter & Canoe Brewpub).

Spinnakers on Urbanspoon
Spinnakers - 
The first stop on our tour was Spinnakers. Spinnakers is on the other side of the harbour closer to Songhees. It is a two story brew pub overlooking the water. Spinnakers is well know for great beer, but not so well known for their food.

This being my first visit to Spinnakers, I was quite excited about trying some great beer and maybe some appy's too. While on the Picklepub tour you also get a free appy at each pub provided you are in a group of four. We being a group of eight were supposed to receive two free appy's at each pub we visited.

Unfortunately, for us Spinnakers only offered one appetizer for our large group; in fact, we didn't even get to choose our appetizer, but were given one instead. I now know why Spinnakers isn't know for their food because their food isn't good. The appetizer that was bestowed upon us looked like croutons made from a baguette with some sort of dip that looked and tasted like a combination of mushroom soup and Cheese Wiz.... DISGUSTING!!!!

The service and Spinnakers was much like the food - horrible. The service was slow, unattentive and altogether lack luster.

I will say that Spinnakers makes some decent beer, but lucky for me you can buy it at your local liquor store and are not required to attend their establishment.

Lido Waterfront Bistro on Urbanspoon
Lido Waterfront Bistro - 
Destination # 2 was a new venture for our entire group. We had all heard of Lido, but none of us knew where it was.  Lido is located on the water below Warfside in the hotel.

The first thing I noticed about Lido was the prime waterfront location and huge patio. The second thing was their extremely small interior.

Lido, much unlike Spinnakers, serves up some delicious looking food. Also unlike Spinnakers they had great service and offered our group two appetizers of our choosing from their menu. We settled on the hot wings and chips with artichoke dip. Both appetizers were delicious. The only down side to Lido would be they have a very limited selection of draft beer and no dark beers on tap. Other than that Lido is head and shoulders above Spinnakers for food and service.

Note: if you are going to go to Lido's on a less than favourable night I would suggest going early as it looks like it could fill up quickly.

Canoe Brewpub - 
Our final stop was the Canoe Brewpub which has got to be my favourite pub in all of Victoria. I have written a review before on Canoe and nothing much has changed, they still have delicious beer, good service, a great view & delicious braised beef poutine. If you want to know more about Canoe read my previous review or check out the many other great reviews on Urbanspoon.

P.S. The Picklepub tours are $15 per person and end in mid September. So go soon and check out some Victoria pubs for yourself.


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