Sunday, August 21, 2011

Noodle Box, Westshore

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I have tried Noodle Box a couple of times now and still can't seem to understand the attention this place gets. I tempted it again last night, in the hopes that something would change, but more importantly because I was lazy and didn't feel like cooking.

Well, I was again and maybe more so than other times: DISAPPOINTED. I ordered the Thai style chow mien with chicken. As always they ask you what spice level you want and every time I try a little bit hotter, but it never seems to change. This time I got the medium-hot - it tasted the same as the medium. As for the food, the whole dish was bland and lacked any flavour - the only thing you could taste was the bit of heat they added.

Overall - Noodle Box sucks! I think they should visit FOO and take some lessons in creative cooking. I have also come to the conclusion that the only reason people flock to this place is because of the Chinese take-away boxes.


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