Monday, November 25, 2013

Shelter, Tofino BC

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Shelter Restaurant in Tofino....

What to say about Shelter...other than, the MOST DISASTROUS DINING EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you may have guessed I am not that impressed with Shelter. Simply, it is an overpriced restaurant with crappy service!

To back up a bit, some friends of mine and I attended Shelter to celebrate an important event. We had reservations for 6:45 on a Saturday night for 20 people. On arrival we were seated upstairs at two large tables. So far so good, right? Well, about 30 - 40 minutes later someone finally came by to take our drink orders; and, another fifteen minutes later we finally got them!

About 7:30 (45 min after arrival) our waiter finally came to the table to take our diner orders. Without explaining specials or anything else, he opened with what you gettin'?

I am not going to go on forever with this review; in fact, I don't feel it is worth much more of my time. The food arrived at about 9 o'clock (2hr 15min after arrival); and, to say the least it was terrible. Oh, and did I mention we were never asked again about drink refills????

All in all, Shelter is a waste of time! Bad food, bad service and overpriced.

Dinner for two (with one drink each) : $75.00


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