Thursday, April 28, 2011

Original Joe's Restaurant & Bar, Langford

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I have driven by Original Joe's a number of times since its opening; and, every time the place has been packed and lined up out the door. Seeing line ups like this, day-in and day-out, get me excited about trying a new restaurant.

So, I finally did it. I went to original Joe's with the family last night (Wednesday) for a late dinner (eight o'clock). It was busy, but we were seated right away. On first glance it seemed like a new take on a Cactus Club or something similar. It had a restaurant/sports bar feel that seemed to be catered to the 20 to 30 something crowds.

The menu is quite varied in the type of food to choose from; everything, from butter chicken, Asian dishes, to burgers and fries. The other thing I noticed about their menu is that the food was all reasonably priced. I don't think there was anything on the menu over $16 - $17, this makes it affordable to take the family out for dinner every once in a while.

My fiance ordered the Double Dog ($10.49) - two charbroiled european wieners, fried onions, roma tomatoes and mustard sauce served on a toasted baguette. You can also choose from an assortment of fixings to add to your dog for $.99 each. My fiance ordered the banana peppers. Something I liked about Original Joe's is that for some meals you get to choose your two sides, it is a nice change from the norm of fries or tossed salad. With the Double Dog my fiance had the fries and gravy and honey slaw.

Our son ordered the Butter Chicken ($13.99) - a classic Indian inspired dish. Butter Chicken is something I have a hard time passing up, but one I have been disappointed with so many time since moving to Victoria. So, needless to say I was glad that he ordered it.

When it came my time to order, I was having a difficult time making a decision as so many things were jumping out to me. I finally decided on the Saigon Sub ($11.99) with sides of Fries with Dill Sauce and Mango Pasta Salad. Having never had a Vietnamese sub before and always wanting to try one, I thought this would be as good of a time as any. I have to say, the sub was delicious (the whole family agreed). Now, if you are a connoisseur of Vietnamese subs...well, I am not sure how this one would stack up.

I was fortunate enough to try a bit of everyone's food. I have to say that the Double Dog, as simple as it sounds, was delicious and packed full of flavour. The Butter Chicken, it too was quite tasty; in fact, I would say that it tasted closer to traditional home made butter chicken than some of the horrible re-creations I have eaten at so called Victoria Indian restaurants.

If I had anything to complain about it would be this: The side dishes were all bland; and the noise level was so high that I was starting to get a mild headache by the time we were ready to leave. However, I would go back to Original Joe's as the food was tasty and the prices affordable.

3 1/2 out of 5 Stars


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Thanks for taking the time to write this informative review! It was great to read you were able to sample a few meals in one night.

We appreciate the positive comments and pointing out where we can improve.

Thanks again.

Jeff Humphreys
Original Joe's Corporate Office

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