Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hanks Haute Dogs - Waikiki, Oahu HI

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At one time Diners, Drive-inns and Dives was one of my favorite T.V. shows on the Food Network; I still enjoy the show, but find myself more interested in other programs lately. However, while walking through the Waikiki International Marketplace, I came across Hanks Haute Dogs which was featured on Triple D. Not being the type to pass up an opportunity to try a new restaurant; especially, on that was featured on the Food Network, I stepped up to the counter to order one of Hanks famous dogs.

I ordered the Fat boy which consisted of a dog wrapped in bacon and deep fried and served with mayo, lettuce and tomato. My wife ordered the Hawaiian which was dressed with pineapple relish, passion fruit mustard and grilled sweet Maui onions. Each dog cost just over five bucks.

Both dogs were decent, but left both of us thinking that they were just dogs and nothing special. My wife like the Hawaiian better as she felt it was more flavourful and I being the sucker for anything with bacon enjoyed the Fat boy much more. After coming back home to Victoria I "googled" Hanks and noticed that they also had a Duck & Foiegras dog - now that might just be the best sounding hot dog I have ever heard of - maybe next time...


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