Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Waterstone European Cafe, Langford (CLOSED)

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This post speaks to the trials and tribulations of the restaurant business. Some mediocre restaurants manage to be blessed with lady luck and stick around for 50 years and other decent restaurants find themselves surrendering to bailiffs within 6 months. Unfortunately, the latter is the outcome for the Waterstone Cafe.

Having only eaten their once, I am not able to provide a detailed analysis on what troubled this little cafe, but I can take a guess that it was just too hard to compete in an area with multiple Tim Hortons, Starbucks and Serious Coffee's. Not to mention, it appeared to be a tough location to make a go of it.

For the food, they served up some decent grub. I have never eaten German food nor, will I try to baffle you with some profound knowledge of the culture; I will simply say I enjoyed it.

The Jaeger Schnitzel was tender and flavourful, the spaetzle was made fresh to order and the gravy that topped it all was simply delicious. I will say though that their panini's sucked! My son ordered a chicken panini and it was so burnt that it was almost inedible.

Now, I don't think the panini would ruin any restaurant, but unfortunately, limited customers will.

It's too bad, I enjoyed the Waterstone and was looking forward to some homemade pretzels.

Auf Wiedersehen...


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