Friday, March 25, 2011

Bliss' Hot Rod Grill - Florence, OR USA

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I just recently returned from a trip to Oregon with the family for spring break. As part of our trip to Oregon, we journeyed out to Florence to check out the magnificent scenery, sea lion caves and sand dunes.

We were all quite hungry after our drive from Portland to Florence and upon arrival asked a local gas station attendant on where we might find some good food, he recommended Bliss' Hot Rod Grill.

When you walk into Bliss' you get that nostalgic feeling of being back in the 50's. The restaurant is surprisingly large. It is separated into about three separate dining areas plus a segregated bar area. The walls are decorated in antique hot rod memorabilia and some of booths are actually converted muscle cars.

I ordered the Sirloin Steak Bites which came with fries or for a $1.25 more you could get onion rings or pepper fries. I went with the pepper fries. The food came out fairly quickly and the portions were of a decent size; however, mine tasted horrible. The steak bites were battered and deep fried, overcooked, chewy and lacked any flavour whatsoever. The only saving grace for the steak was the ranch dipping sauce, which thankfully helped me to gag down the remaining pieces. As far as the pepper fries, they too were nothing to write home about. You would think that when you pay $1.25 more for pepper fries over the regular fries that there would be something more to them; nope, just fries sprinkled with pepper.

My family members food was slightly better than mine; however, still not worth a return visit or recommendation to others. We all left there thinking we should have just went to the A $ W down the street....


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