Sunday, February 13, 2011

FOO Asian Street Food, Downtown

Went to FOO this past weekend for lunch and I have to say it was amazing. FOO, formerly the home to a cold beer and wine store, is a small little restaurant doing everything right. They are serving up a varied range of Asian inspired dishes, ranging from Thailand to India. FOO is similar to Noodle Box; however, a little less pretentious and a lot more delicious.

I ordered their Pad Thai Pork and Prawns ($10) and a side of Paneer Cheese Dumplings ($9). I absolutely loved the paneer dumplings. The dumplings were deep fried and served in a masala cream sauce with side of smoked chili and coriander cheese bread. The cream sauce was fantastic and tasted like a mild butter chicken sauce. I don't have one complaint about their paneer dish, in fact, I would go back time and time again just to eat it.

Just as the dumplings, the Pad Thai was fantastic. Served in a Chinese take away box and stuffed almost to the point of exploding, it was a filling, mouth water box of goodness. Unlike the Noodle Box; it wasn't over-sauced to the point of being soup; the flavors were complex and not overpowering; and you don't have some stupid chart of heat to decide on.

For Asian inspired street food, FOO is definitely leading the pack. It is standing head a shoulders above places like Noodle Box and Boxo Noodles. The flavors and size of portions will bring me back time and time again, the price is just a bonus.

4 out of 5 Stars

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