Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sliders, maybe if I was drinking...

My fiance and I went to Sliders on Cedar Hill for lunch today. This being our first time going to Sliders I thought it was a little strange, it had a bakery and bar in the same space. However, I will stick to reviewing their food as I think others on Urbanspoon have made their own comments on the interior of sliders and hey, if the food is good who cares about interior design.

Sliders offers both a lunch menu and an all day breakfast menu. We both chose dishes off of the lunch menu. My fiance had the pulled pork sliders with yam fries ($9.99) and I had the beef sliders with perogies ($9.99). The neat thing for me about sliders is that you get to choose your side for your burger or sandwich from a list of about 8 items so, the choice is yours on whether to go healthy or indulge in the greasier pleasures in life. The hostess was friendly and the service was fairly quick.

As for the food, it was....sub par.
I am sorry to say that I wasn't impressed at all with the quality of their food. I think that maybe all the good reviews are coming from their night time clientele who are drinking and really, food always tastes better when your drinking. My perogies were baked as opposed to boiled then fried. Now, I am a little bit of a snob when it comes to perogies as I grew up in a family that owned a Ukrainian restaurant and to this day make the best homemade perogies that I have ever eaten. The perogies served to me today tasted like they came right out of the freezers at the local supermarket and were slightly freezer burnt prior to being baked. The baking of the perogies made the dough extremely hard and dry and the filling lacked any flavor whatsoever. My sliders looked appealing on first glances (three small burgers topped with caramelized onions and baby lettuce); however, on first taste....ewwww! The meat was fairly juicy, but all I could taste was some sort of artificial flavoring, I am still trying to tell if it was an overdose of onion powder or a mixture of liquid smoke and Worcestershire sauce. Either way they were awful. As for my fiances, her yam fries were decent, they were served with a honey mustard sauce, a little out of the norm from the regular chipotle aioli, but not bad. The pulled pork was, well lets just say they should leave that to places like Pig and Smoke'n Bones. The pieces of pork were extremely large and fairly tough. It almost tasted as if they used a pork roast for it instead of a more tender cut like the butt or tenderloin.

In summary, I think this place has been over hyped. The service was good, but I can't say the same for the food. I think I will try giving it a second chance, but maybe next time I will order from the breakfast menu; and possibly a few adult beverages which were quite reasonably priced.

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Anonymous said...

Fully agree with your review. For a place called "Sliders", one would think the could get that part of their menu right!?! This place has some potential as it is the only pub/restaraunt in the immediate area, but the owners and management just seem too lazy to do anything to take it to the next level.

Anonymous said...

I had a "Habs" poutine from there recently. It was pretty bad. Poutine tasted pre-packaged, no herbs or seasoning and a very dark sludge brown colour, it was really salty. Cheese did not taste like real cheese, did not melt like real cheese either (I ate a piece of it before anything else). Fries tasted from frozen, bland and for some reason not crispy...but it was really hot when they brought it out. I am thinking they stuck it into a microwave before serving it to me. ironically another reviewer had the same experience from the poutine on urbanspoon...

Used Victoria said...

Hmmm .... thanks for the detailed review. Will keep these points in mind next time we are planning an outing to a new restaurant.

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